Intellectual Property

TYG oncology’s product candidates TYG100 and TYG200 use the S-TIR™ technology platform. S-TIR™ is protected by a number of technology and product patent (application) families. TYG oncology has received a world-wide exclusive licence from S-TARget Therapeutics GmbH via OncoQR ML GmbH for developing and commercialising S-TIR™ immunotherapies against the target-family “gastrin”. In addition, the Company has the right of first refusal for the TYG200 (“HER2/neu”) licence from OncoQR ML GmbH and the option to licence five additional targets of its choosing with fixed milestone payments based on the current preclinical status of the technology platform.

The target family “gastrin” includes the targets G17 and G17-Gly, as well as progastrin, and CCKBR, the G17 receptor. TYG100 is directed against G17 and G17-Gly. The target family “HER2/neu” includes both the intra-cellular, transmembrane and extra-cellular domain of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. TYG200 is directed against the ectodomain of HER2/neu.