About TYG oncology

TYG oncology is a biotech company that offers novel therapeutic cancer immunotherapies based on its unique, proprietary and broadly applicable S-TIR™ (Specific Total Immune Remodulation) technology platform. Unlike any other currently available therapy, the platform is capable of boosting the patient’s immune system to generate a strong, specific and controlled immune response against cancer. This “Active Checkpoint Control Immunotherapy” activates all four naturally available tumour killing mechanisms of the immune system without triggering side effects. The company’s lead candidate (TYG100), targets pancreatic cancer and induces neutralizing antibodies against gastrin, a major growth factor for pancreatic and other forms of gastrointestinal cancer.  TYG200 is directed against HER2/neu over-expressing breast cancer and induces strong polyclonal humoral (IgG) and cellular (CD4 and CD8) immune responses, superior to trastuzumabpertuzumab or passive checkpoint inhibitors. Both lead candidates, which have achieved in vivo Proof of Concept are now available for out-licensing.

  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Active therapy (protein/peptide based)
  • Checkpoint control
  • No apparent side effects
  • Activation of all 4 naturally available killing mechanisms of the immune system
  • Multiple cancer targets

* No adverse effects observed to date